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Comment Posted by League Commissioner Apr 23, 2021 01:12 PM

Hi everyone, we have been getting some questions regarding how the new restrictions impact the season. At this time, the new restrictions do not impact the current format of the league. There was a reduction in capacity for sports events which affect the number of spectators at games. Since the facilities already stated that spectators were not allowed at PIT events there is no change to our day-to-day league operations.

Teams are requested to not bring spectators. The facility will ask them to leave to ensure that we are under capacity for our events. Players should also wear their masks when entering and exiting the facility. Masks can be taken off once on the field of play.

We have 15 minutes between games. Players cannot enter the field until the previous teams have vacated. Teams are asked to exit as quickly as possible after their games to ensure that teams have time to warm up prior to their games.

South fields 1 to 4 are on the main field (to the right when you walk in), fields 5 to 8 are on the secondary field (to the left when you walk in). The North field only has one field location. The closest field marked out is field one. Field 5 is the closest field on the secondary field at Waverley. When playing on the outermost fields, teams can be on the far sidelines. When playing on the innermost field’s teams must be in the endzones (opposite endzones to ensure social distancing, at minimum five yards from the endzone deadline). Teams in the innermost fields cannot set up on the sidelines. There is no curtain, so we don’t want someone blindsided from behind! Any teams encroaching on the endzones will be penalized. Anyone interfering in a play will be ejected.

Teams are reminded to read all the covid social distancing rules for playing and the facility rules here: Players must socially distance on the sidelines and during the game, including socially distanced huddles. If you can reach out and touch a player on your team, you are too close! Officials will be helping teams adapt to these rules in week 1, but keep in mind you can and will be penalized for such infractions moving forward.

Players must sanitize their hands/gloves prior to their games starting, at halftime, and after games. Gloves can be worn; however, they must be sanitized. Hand sanitizer will be provided to teams at their first game courtesy of our sponsors at Capital K Distillery. We want to make sure that we are offering a fun, competitive, and safe environment for all our membership.

New to this season: rookie officials will be wearing green armbands. To better retain officials, any referee abuse directed at new officials will result in automatic suspensions. While no official should be subjected to any kind of abuse, we rely on new officials to play the game we love to play. Give new officials (and our veterans!) some understanding. Officiating can be difficult!

In the event of a season cancellation, prorated amounts of registration will be returned to teams. The prorated amounts are as follows:
• Before first game: Full refund
• After first game: $400, second game $300, third game, $200, Fourth game $100, after regular season $0.

A reminder that if you are feeling under the weather, regardless of your symptoms, do not attend your games. We look forward to seeing everyone on the field!

Comment Posted by tccool Apr 23, 2021 02:00 PM

It says players “ should” wear masks when leaving and enter.. but do we HAVE to wear them?

Comment Posted by jon Apr 23, 2021 06:47 PM

Wear them...or risk being kicked out of the facility and missing your games!


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