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  • Registration

    Registration PIT Football


    Please send all payments, inquiries regarding registration, or general questions regarding the league here.

  • League Commissioner

    Jerome Swarath


    Jerome joined the PIT management team in 2017. Jerome brings over 43 years of football experience to the PIT having played at all levels from Canford to the PIT and every league in between. Jerome currently quarterbacks the longest running team in Manitoba Football history in the Boozers. His passion for touch football still burns.....and the saga continues.

    Jerome's duties include day to day operations, handling general inquiries, heading our Hall of Fame inductions, and developing our sponsorships and partnerships with the community.

    🏆 2016 Hall of Fame Inductee
    🏆 Team Captain/QB of the Boozers, the longest running team in Manitoba history
    🏆 Quarterbacked the only team to win a championship in all four major touch football leagues in Manitoba (PIT Football, UTFL, WTFL, Canford).

    Profession by Day: Jerome is a Business Professional and Former CEO of NorthRegentRx.

  • League President

    Jonathon Franklin


    The originator of the league, over 30 years as a player, and over 20 more years as an administrator. Any questions regarding league operations - this is the person to start with.

    Football Manitoba Liaison to Football Canada (non-contact)
    National Non-Contact Football Rules Committee
    2008 Co-founder of PIT Football
    2017 Co-founder APEX Field Lining
    2018 Co-founder of Football Manitoba/PIT Football u18 Flag Football League

     2002 National University Flag Football Gold Medallist (Player)
     2011 National Touch Football Gold Medallist (Player)
     2016 National u20 Men's Flag Football Gold Medallist (Coach)
     2016 National Flag Football Bronze Medallist (Player)
     2017 National u18 Boys Flag Football Bronze Medallist (Coach)
     2018 Milt Stegall Indoor Tournament Champion (Player)
     2018 National Flag Football Gold Medallist (Player)
     2018 National u18 Boys Flag Football Gold Medallist (Coach)
     2018 National u18 Girls Flag Football Bronze Medallist (Coach)
     2019 National u18 Boys Flag Football Bronze Medallist (Coach)
     2019 National u18 Girls Flag Football Bronze Medallist (Coach)
     2022 Provincial Coach Collegiate Girls Flag Football Team
     2022 National U18 Boys Flag Football Gold Medallist (Coach)
     2022 Moment of the Year winner (u18 Boys National Champions) presented by Manitoba Football Feed
     2 x National Championship MVP
     Sport Manitoba Hall of Fame Selection Committee Member
     Football Canada u18 National Flag Football Team Head Coach

    Profession by Day: Jon is the Chair of the Sociology Department at the University of Winnipeg and an Instructor at the University of Manitoba in the Department of Social Work.

  • Head of Officials & Disciplinary Committee

    Raza is in charge of officials development, rule interpretations, supervision, and enforcement. Raza has been with PIT Football since 2015 when he founded North Bay PIT Football. Raza quickly rose up the officiating ranks where he is now regarded as one of the top flag and touch officials in the province. Raza took the position of Head of the Disciplinary Committee in 2021. If you run afoul of the league, you will have to deal with Raza!

    🏆 2022 National U18 Boys Flag Football Gold Medallist (Coach)
    🏆 2022 Provincial Coach Collegiate Girls Flag Football Team
    🏆 Coach Dakota Lancers WHSFL (tackle)
    🏆 Coach Dakota Lancers WHSFL (flag)
    🏆 2022 Moment of the Year winner (u18 Boys National Champions) presented by Manitoba Football Feed
    🏆 Football Canada National u18 Flag Football Coach

    Profession by Day: Raza works for TD Financial Services.

  • Flag Football Coordinator

    Owen is in charge of rule interpretations, officials on-field training and evaluation, and rule changes for flag football in Manitoba. If you have a flag rules question, Owen is the person who will know the answer!

    🏆 2011 National Touch Football Champion (Player)
    🏆 2018 Senior Women's Provincial Flag Football Team (Head Coach)
    🏆 Former National Non-Contact Rules Committee Member
    🏆 Level 5 (Nationally Certified) Flag Football Official
    🏆 2022, 2023 Head Official Collegiate Women's National Championships
    🏆 2022, 2023 Head Official CFFL Flag National Championships

    Profession by Day: Owen is the Owner/Operator Apex Athletic Field Lining Services.

  • Coed Division Representative

    Cara has been with the PIT since 2010 and has been in charge of scheduling and the Coed Division since 2015.

    Cara is also a long-time player in the league and certified referee. Cara is also a multi-time National medallist as a flag football coach, a board member at Football Manitoba, and former Manitoba Bison USports player and coach. Cara was the provincial girls u18 flag football coach from 2017 to 2022.

    Profession by Day: Cara is the Athletic Director of CMU University.

  • Insurance Coordinator

    Steven Bleue


    Steven will be ensuring everyone is covered with their waiver forms and insurance. This new position will make sure you are enjoying a safe and fun season of football! All new players must have an insurance waiver sent to PITwaivers@hotmail.com at minimum 48 hours before playing to ensure they are eligible to participate in any PIT sanctioned games.

    Profession by Day: Steven is a Real Estate Agent with Property Exchange Group

  • APEX Field Lining & Maintenance

    APEX Field lining is Manitoba's premier field lining company. APEX has been lining fields for PIT Football since 2017 when PIT Football spun off its in-house field lining service into its sister company.

    Football, soccer, baseball, or any other sport in need of field lining use APEX's services. APEX is so good, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Valour Soccer use our services.

    Contact APEX at 204.396-4549

    Apex Field Lining Contracts:
    🏆 Winnipeg Blue Bombers
    🏆 Valour Soccer
    🏆 Football Manitoba
    🏆 Manitoba Bisons
    🏆 Canadian Mennonite University (CMU)
    🏆 Winnipeg High School Football League (WHSFL)
    🏆 PIT Football
    🏆 Community Club Soccer
    🏆 Community Club Baseball/Softball
    🏆 Timbits Soccer

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