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Comment Posted by jon Jun 03, 2011 10:52 PM

The PIT Crew went out and fertilized Aldgate Park ahead of our usage in a couple of weeks. On Saturday we should be touching up our fields for the week forthcoming. Here are some of the pics of the days work:

The PIT Crew never rests (get your Jets tickets)!

Comment Posted by jon Jun 27, 2011 07:58 PM

Aldgate Park was cut and lined today and the field looks incredible. Unfortunately, I don't have pics since I had just returned from the NHL draft in Minneapolis which ensured that Scott had to do all the work himself! Here is a recap of our draft in lieu of photos!

With the plethora of fields we have this year we were able to rest Aldgate until tonight. Aldgate is immaculate, for the teams/refs at Aldgate, let us know what you think of the field. 3 weeks at Aldgate then on to the next destination. Enjoy!

Comment Posted by jon Aug 07, 2011 12:34 PM

Aldgate Park was lined yesterday (by the PIT) and cut by the city (not sure why they have to cut the grass so short!). This will be our second and last stint at Aldgate as we continue to rest our fields between usages. Aldgate was provided all the extras only found in the PIT (hash marks, directional arrows, player boxes, triple lined goal lines, yardage markers, etc).

Here is a link to our handiwork as we continue to fulfill our mandate to line fields every three weeks:

The PIT Crew

Comment Posted by jon Apr 15, 2012 05:48 PM

With the nice weather (today excluded) the PIT has been getting the jump start on the season by preparing our fields. Today we went out and aerated and measured out Aldgate Park for the 2012 season. Now we just have to convince the city not to cut the field to the dirt when they work on the field and we will be set!

Here are some pics of our handiwork including some gratuitous crown royal product placement (please sponsor the PIT Diageo - or just send me free stuff!)

The PIT Crew

Comment Posted by jon Jun 04, 2012 09:51 PM

Aldgate Park was readied for the season yesterday. The field looks great!

A reminder to players that Aldgate Park has had complaints previously regarding trash and noise. The field is in an area surrounded by houses and players should adhere to all codes of conduct. Player benches are to be on the side of the field farthest away from the houses and all teams must clean up after themselves. Despite league requests regarding trash collection, cleanliness does not seem to be a membership strength. Optimist Park was a mess of water bottles on Sunday (again, why with the water bottles, its practically free from the tap!) Referees will now begin to note teams that leave their trash on the sidelines and teams will face sanctions as a result. Your cooperation is expected and appreciated.

Now you can view hamburger cat:

The PIT Crew

Comment Posted by gchan Jun 05, 2012 06:18 AM

Looks like we'll be the first to play on this field tonight. It's going to be a scorcher! When is the league implementing a league-supplied keg at games when the weather is 29C or higher? Oh expected high of 29C today. What a coincidence!

Comment Posted by Premier "BIG" Man Jun 05, 2012 10:19 AM

Will teams pick up their kegs after they are empty?

Comment Posted by jon May 16, 2013 02:32 AM

Aldgate received its first lining of the season. Unfortunately soccer lines were put down and the field had to be "re-lined" for football specifications. Hard to believe this is where our rental money line fields for the wrong sport. Sigh.

Here are some pictures of the field. I played there last night and the field is looking great!

The PIT Crew

Comment Posted by gwizicane72 May 16, 2013 12:59 PM


i am curious..... did anyone see a posting for this GREAT!!! GREAT!!!! summer job? 45K to do absolutely nothing?? because i didn't see it. Man, I would have love to have quit and worked outside in the sun for 45K for a 6 month job. So far i haven't heard or seen anything to apply to :P. I kid of course.....i really didn't think they would give the field cop job to anyone not related to their political circles.

So far the city had not impressed with our money.....Optimist locked, fields lined incorrectly......absolutely no improvments to fields......
If they were going to improve fields, a good time to start might have been in the spring, you know so teams can enjoy these improvments throughout the year. All i know if some fields still have divots that have not been addressed, and why is the league having to do the fertilizing??? i thought we are all paying for these upgraded services!!!! I think they owe us an explanation.

When the city does absolutely nothing all year.... i really hope something is done about these idiots.

Overall the league does what it can, and it does show, but with the huge amount of teams it is impossible to do everything, just wish the city would do what they "committed" to doing all winter.

Comment Posted by gwizicane72 May 16, 2013 01:17 PM

Also just to add to that, if i was you, i would send the city an invoice for what it cost you to fertilize and re-line the fields. If they aren't going to do it, at least they should have the money to reimburse the league for what they have not done so far.

I know they won't pay it, but then maybe we can then eject them from the public property for not doing their fair share.

Comment Posted by jon May 16, 2013 02:50 PM

Yeah it is mind boggling how inept the city is and instead of fixing the root problems they decide they just need more money to pay for the salaries of those who perpetuate the ineptitude.

The PIT Crew

Comment Posted by eyamie May 16, 2013 03:04 PM

Really, somebody - maybe a city councillor - needs to see all this info collected by you guys and the Ultimate group. Politicians would have no clue what the employees are or aren't doing. Actually, maybe we should invite the CAO Phil Sheegl to come inspect their handiwork.

Comment Posted by gwizicane72 May 17, 2013 09:36 AM

Another issue came up last night in our game at old ex, which i am guessing was another city issue. Luckily the guys over there were nice enough to move to another field, but the Nomads club informed our refs that they also had the permit for Old Ex last night, which essentially means that the city is now double booking fields too?!?!? I was listening in on the conversation and he did say he would let it go that time, but they had to go practice on a small little corner behind our field.

I am just surprised that with all of our extra funds, that things in the early going are significantly worse. Were there some of the councillors who said they would not support this increase if the funds were not being used correctly? i know it is a week in, but so far the funds are not being used correctly!!! LOL

Comment Posted by jon May 17, 2013 10:34 AM

Agreed, it has been a gong show dealing with the city thus far. They will probably raise the field fees next year to hire someone to administrate the field policing officer. I jest...but it would not surprise me if that became fact! I am currently in discussions with the city to ideally clear up the issues that have occurred. Luckily we have been in the right and haven't had to move any of our games as a result of these disruptions.

To top it off I just had to write a massive cheque to the city for our May field usage!

The PIT Crew

Comment Posted by dubblezeero May 17, 2013 11:25 AM

Shoulda wrote that cheque on toilet paper!

Comment Posted by jon Jun 28, 2013 01:03 AM

Aldgate Park was relined this week just in time for the monsoons to wipe the lines out! Soccer had once again impeded on the playing field so we had to push the nets off the field and reline the field to make it suitable for football. At least the city had the whereabouts to cut the grass, I believe only the second time that has happened this year. Let your Councillors know about it!

Here are some pics of the newly lined field...see if you can guess where the buzzards finally took down Scott.

The PIT Crew

Comment Posted by jon May 13, 2014 01:25 AM

Despite the rain the PIT Crew was hard at work marking out the field for its first use of the season. While the lining couldn't be completed in the rain due to the paint being water soluble we were able to get measurements of the field so that the lining could go quick once the sun comes out.

Here are some pics of the field being worked on...and more Kate Beckinsale for Mr. Fryza. You are welcome.

The PIT Crew

Comment Posted by jon Sep 02, 2014 12:20 AM

Aldgate was lined today for the home stretch of the season. Despite the downpour during the field lining, just like the post office the PIT Crew works rain, sleet or snow...and will eventually go mad.

That is unless we have access to the same stuff the Sesame Street writers were on:

I had no recollection of this until I watched it...I think my mind kept this one hidden from my consciousness for obvious reasons.

The PIT Crew

Comment Posted by jon Jun 01, 2015 12:02 AM

Aldgate was lined this past week during one of the scorching hot days (which was sandwiched between some very cold days!) Oddest May weather I have seen in quite some time...ideally the great weather we had this weekend keeps up for a while. Here are some pics of our handiwork last week...and a few bikini picks interspersed to keep you going on a Monday morning:

The PIT Crew

Comment Posted by jon Jun 09, 2015 03:18 AM

Aldgate received its second lining of the season, view the pics of the sequel here:

I have also included my top 6 movie sequels. Let me know if I am forgetting any of the great ones!

The PIT Crew

Comment Posted by jon Jun 23, 2015 08:01 PM

Aldgate version 3.0 was lined again on Father's Day. Neil and Brent (who was AWOL this day) have really kicked up their field lining game. Since Father Neil was lining on Father's Day check out his great work here...and my list of top 6 TV Father's of all time.

Aldgate in all its glory:

The PIT Crew

Comment Posted by jon May 24, 2016 12:20 AM

Aldgate Park was lined for the first games of the season (which go tonight!) on Monday. All the accoutrements that would be expected from the PIT are back, including fully lined fields at five yard increments, hash marks, numbers, directional arrows, player boxes, etc. Players will be very happy with both the field availability and the lining schedule we have set up this summer. If the weather holds up we should be in for the best year of summer football in PIT history!

I have been out of town all weekend so the pictures are sparse, here is an inkling of what Aldgate will look like when you arrive at the fields:

Only in the PIT!

Comment Posted by jon Jun 11, 2016 04:55 PM

Algate was lined for the second time this season and the field continues to look awesome. Here are some pics:

All of the five yard increments, hash marks, numbers, directional arrows and player boxes were relined.

Only in the PIT!


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