Summer 2021 Registration Information

Posted Sun May 30, 2021 - 02:07 PM

Summer 2021 Season Information:

OUTDOOR DIVISIONS (Note we will be bringing our indoor 5 v 5 outside this summer to aid with social distancing requirements):
Season Starts: Monday July 5th (weather permitting)
Season Ends: Sunday September 26th (weather permitting)
Registration Deadline: Friday June 25th
All teams make playoffs
All costs include GST and Insurance

7 v 7 Cost: $1250 (regulation sized outdoor fields)
5 v 5 Cost: $1050 (coed and touch, regulation sized indoor fields, but played outdoors)
Season length: 10 games
All teams make playoffs (11 games guaranteed)

We kindly request teams to register their teams on the website early so that we can book the correct number of fields. Booking fields takes some time and we are organizing in a short time frame. We appreciate your help as we ramp up our summer season quicker than usual!

Teams must submit signed waiver forms prior to the season starting. Waiver forms can be sent to or and can be found here: Anyone who filled out a waiver form in the Spring will be covered for the Summer season. Only players who did not participate in the Spring will need to fill out a waiver.

If for whatever reason the league cannot complete the season, a prorated amount will be based on 11-games (10 regular season games, plus one guaranteed playoff game). Based on our discussions with Manitoba Health, we hope to enjoy a full season beginning after July long weekend.

We have some incredible sponsors this summer, including the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Original 16 Beer, Four Crowns Restaurant and Lounge, Capital K distillery, and Swiss Chalet! The shorter season should provide some great action, and we hope it will bring in some of our indoor teams or new teams to check out the action in an abbreviated season with significantly lower cost.

Additional information regarding 5 v 5 football:
Our 5 on 5 divisions will be run on indoor sized fields but painted on outdoor fields to help reduce the risks of social gatherings. All intermediate and recreational skill levels are welcome. Do not be alarmed that we only have five 5 on 5 divisions listed so far (plus coed). We can expand divisions based on registration. There is no competitive division offered, we want to ensure we have a division for where most of our indoor teams play (intermediate and recreational). The 5 on 5 divisions will be a great time with lots of parity among teams. Contact us if you have any concerns about where your team may fit in. You can also help decide your schedule. We play every day of the week (excluding long weekends and Bomber home games). Don't like weekend games in the summer? Then play weekdays. Busy two nights of the week, book them off! We can create a schedule tailored to your team's requests.

Teams are required to read the back-to-play rules here:

We look forward to getting everyone back out on the field in a fun and safe environment.

PIT on Social Media

Posted Wed May 12, 2021 - 02:48 PM

Remember to follow us @PITfootball on Instagram and Twitter to ensure you are up to date on all non-contact football information occurring in the Province!

Summer 2020 All-Star Game

Posted Sat Sep 12, 2020 - 03:48 PM

Its that time of year in which we reward our team captains for helping us run the best recreational sports league in Canada! We appreciate all of the efforts of our team captains who are the unsung heroes of the league - those that go grey trying to chase down their teammates and ensure registration is paid - things that are easier said than done! This year during Covid team captains have had even more responsibility heaped on their shoulders so we want to ensure we treat them well for all they have done this summer.

Each of our team captains will have the opportunity to participate in the team captain all-star game. Each team captain will also be given an all-star t-shirt and we will treat everyone to some Original 16 at Four Crowns Restaurant and Lounge after the game.

Here are the details:

Date: Saturday, October 3rd
Location: Frank Whyte
Time: 1:00pm
After party: Four Crowns Restaurant and Lounge (1030 McPhillips - just down the street from Frank Whyte)
Sponsor: Original 16 Beer
Events: Aside from the game we will also have a fastest player, longest throw, and field goal kicking competition, with prizes to the winners.

Team captains can RSVP here or to
Must be 18+ to attend the after party.

Jason Cassie - Things and Stuff
Cara Isaak - Connor McDavids
Running Pylons - Braydn Witishyn/Nathan Leitao
Mike Hayhow - We are not the Dillos

5 v 5
Steve Trinder - Big Baller Brand

Division 2:
Justin Stewart - Guild

Division 3:
Dom Horvath - Hanging with Hernandex

Division 4:
Arthur Garand - North Bay Summer Squad
Damian McKenzie - Rebels

Division 5:
Ryan Scott - Blue Balls

Division 6:
Ethan Schnerch - Down to Football
Miciah Stone - Gotham Knights
Chris Sousa - North Bay Panthers

Division 7:
Cory Warren - Bullet Club
Draygan Pilgrim - Trigger Happy Bunnies

Division 8:
Armi Warha - Razorbacks

Division 9:
Steven Bleue - Bleue's Clueless

Division 10
Troy Thompson - Suckskatchewan
Chris Harwood - Cobras
Jean Guy Mercier - Kraken
Sean Roberts - Boozers

Winter 2020 All-Star Representatives

Posted Fri Feb 14, 2020 - 03:00 PM

Jordan/Ryan Loewen - Connor McDavids
Harneil Aulakh - Curry Jacks
Cara Isaak - Pteradac-Dillos
Jay Santos - Mr. Roger's Mustache
Riley Walters - Mean N Green
Jessica Smilar - Down to Football

WHSFL Division
Owen Cassie - Miles Mac
Matt Graham - Miles Mac
Jacob Rhodes - Kildonan East (Black)
Dylan Normand - Kildonan East (Black)
Josh Ducharme - Kildonan East (White)
Knesa Mohamed - Kildonan East (White)
Ty Melnyk - River East
Richard Lugumire - Sisler
Nikolas Hasselfield - Grant Park
Matheus Ruffini - Grant Park
Solomon Bond - Grant Park
Seth Chizda - Grant Park
Diondre Nicholson - Grant Park
Francesco Derosa - Grant Park

Division 3
Keith Bourgeois - Beerhawks

Division 5
Cliff Kitchen - Big Baller Brand
Mike Brennan - Missed Calls

Division 9
Arthur Garand - North Bay Elites
Jordan DeMerchant - Down 2 Football

Division 10
Nathan Leito - Rouge Gods
Dom Horvath - Hanging with Hernandez
Micah Stone - Snow Mexicans

Division 12
Numa Ali - North Bay
Cory Warren - Gotham Knights

Division 13
Ethan Schnerch - London Sillinannies
Arminder Warha - D3F

Division 14
Alex Emes - North Bay Nation

Division 15
Chris Blagden - Pirates of North Bay

Division 16
Kyle Smith - Down 4 Football

Division 18
Cole Corlette-Hedley - Practice Squad

Division 18
Desi Marinelli - Trigger Happy Bunnies

Division 20
Brandon Aguilar - Maples Alumni

Division 22
Julien Labossier - Suck Seniors

2019 All Star Game Representatives

Posted Tue Sep 10, 2019 - 09:04 PM

This years team captain all-star game will take place at 9pm under the lights at IGF on Saturday September 21st! Team captains will be rewarded with all-star apparel and great prizes from our sponsors. If your team captain cannot attend they may send another player from your team to participate!

Divisions 1 & 2:
Mike Nelson - Doggs
Olivia Cassie - Beerhawks
Damian Bialkowski - Titans (Indoor)
Kyle Smith - Loose Cannons (Indoor)
Raza Butt - North Bay Flag (Indoor)
Jon Franklin - The Wild Card
Deion Nelson - Flying Squirrels (Indoor)
Josh Frey-Sam - Connor McDavids
Tyrone Oakley - Dillos

Division 3:
Dave Robson - Blount Force
Ev Jackson - Kings
Neil Gwizon - Brewers of North Bay Plus Three Guys from No D

Division 4:
Jordan Swerid - Law Firm
Matt Blewitt - Rebels
Chris Marsch - Yolksters

Division 5:
David Ernewein - Past Our Primetime
Jude Desrosiers - North Bay Panthers

Division 6:
Cory Warren - Gotham Knights
Jay Santos - Woodies

Division 7:
Damian McKenzie - Necessary Roughness
Jason Cassie - Fail Mary
Chris Harwood - Cobras
Jon Boville - Blouses
Jude Desrosiers - North Bay Panthers

Division 8:
Arminder Warha - Razorbacks 2.0
Ian Milne - Huddle Buddies
Steven Bleue - Bleue's Clueless

Division 9:
Troy Thompson - Suckskatchewan
Russ Rennie - Bullet Club
Kristin Robson - Kraken
Jerome Swarath - Boozers
Neil Jonker - Blast from the Past

Various icons used from the Silk Icons library.