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Comment Posted by jon Sep 13, 2022 05:46 PM

Here is the link to the first round of playoffs:

Keep in mind that there are still games tonight which will affect playoff standings. It is amazing that after all the summer games not all divisions are set on the final night of the season! Incredible parity. We will update the seedings/schedule once tonight's games are completed.

Also of note:
First round of playoffs runs from Friday the 16th to Monday the 19th.
Winner of Ricky Spanish/Fail Mary will play twice this weekend.
Win or Lose We Drink Booze, Running Riot, Wickermen, GangGreen and Flag Football Players with Coaches who Drive Vans (Frank the Tanks) all have byes this weekend.
A link to the tiebreakers can be found here:

Good luck to all teams in their quest for championship glory!

The PIT Crew


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