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Comment Posted by jon Aug 28, 2022 06:21 PM

Congratulations to Carol Szuminsky who is breaking all kinds of records lately! Carol has put her name in the record books for the following three (yes, three records!)

Oldest player to have an interception: 69y-10m-19d breaking the record previously held by Dad Jonker 69y-10m-4d.
Oldest player to have a sack: 70y-3m-27d (we did not have this record previously!).
Oldest quarterback/receiver combination (along with Cliff Kitchen): Cliff Kitchen QB - 61y-5m-20d + Carol Szuminsky - 70y-5m-7d: Total: Combined 131y-10m-27d. Carol and Cliff beat out the record which had previously be set by the combination of Jim Bell and Jake Kornelsen (120y-4m-27d).

Amazing that Carol just starting playing in the PIT in Fall 2021!

Check out all of our league records here:

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