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Comment Posted by jon Apr 20, 2022 08:18 PM

One final congrats to each of our champions from the Winter season! It was a dramatic return to the field after missing a a year due to Covid-19. 26 new champions were crowned. Those 26 teams now have their names etched forever in the record book here:

Coed Division 1: Assassins Legends
Coed Division 2: FSP
Coed Division 3: Looking to Score
Coed Division 4: Here for the Beer
Coed Division 5: Nacho-Dillos

Flag Division 1: Vincent Massey Trojans
Flag Division 2: Vincent Massey Trojans
Flag Division 3: Maples Mauraders

Division 1: Peg City Evolution
Division 2: Eric Dickersons
Division 3: Big Baller Brand
Division 4: Filthy Few
Division 5: Young Guns
Division 6: Down to Football
Division 7: Senior Sabres
Division 8: Vincent Massey Trojan Seniors
Division 9: Down 4 Football
Division 10: Flying Squirrels
Division 11: Avengers
Division 12: Cannonball
Division 13: Gotham Knights
Division 14: Below Average Joes
Division 15: Saggy Balls
Division 16: Super Old School
Division 17: Jersey Bois
Division 18: Stone Cold Dillas

Thanks to all of our teams who competed during the Winter season. It was great seeing everyone back on the field!

The PIT Crew


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