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Comment Posted by jon Sep 21, 2021 04:28 PM

Tweed has stepped up to partner with PIT for the divisional MVP program and is providing each divisional MVP an award package of Tweed merchandise along with a discount for purchases in-store. Each MVP package is a little different! We hope to announce more partnerships with Tweed in the future.

For the divisional MVPs, the winner had the highest total of MVP votes in the division (so if they played on more than one team, the other votes do not count). If a player was on more than one team in the division, that player cannot combine their votes. In the event of a tie, the player who played the fewest games would be the MVP. If there was still a tie, we just chose a name at random (that only happened with one division).

Here are your divisional winners!

Divisions 1 and 2 : Luke Jaccobucci, The Kings
Division 3: Jason Gibbons, Enforcers
Division 4: Isaac Henry, The Gamecocks
Division 5: Keith Renault, Fail Mary
Division 6: Kyle Smith, Loose Cannons
Division 7: Zach Kent, Andriys Dream Team
Division 8: Chaka Newman, The Glue Factory
Division 9: Jacob Robertson, North End Hawkeyes

Coed Div 1: Lauren Garbutt, Connor McDavids
Coed Div 2: John May, 0-10

5v5 Div 1: Shawn Pachet, Snipers
5v5 Div 2: Liam Collier, Moneyball
5v5 Div 3: Brayden Sul, Beerguts
5v5 Div 4: Mason Jesmer, Game of Zones

Congratulations to each of our divisional MVPs on their remarkable seasons. We will be contacting each member to let them know how/when they can pick up their prizing.

We will also be announcing the overall MVP winner in the next couple of days. Anyone who can guess the correct player will be entered into a draw for Winnipeg Blue Bomber tickets! Vote in the forum for who you think is the newest league MVP!

Overall, the PIT tries to give out over $10,000 in prizes every year. Can any other recreational sport offer its membership such privileges?!?! We thank Tweed for their generous donations and look forward to working with them in the future! Keep posted for more information, all part of the best game day experience in recreational sports!

Be sure to check out Tweed here:

The PIT Crew


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