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Comment Posted by jon Jul 18, 2021 01:37 PM

Hi everyone, based on discussions with teams, we have decided to eliminate the kickoffs to start the game/half and after touchdowns. Instead, teams will scrimmage from their 10-yard line. Players felt that it provided more game time allowing for more possessions. We had previously eliminated kickoffs from 5v5 coed and will do so for the rest of summer for all of 5v5.

Additionally, teams MUST change sides a halftime. With the wind and sun playing a factor in games, teams should not be disadvantaged by the side they have to start the game. Regardless of game conditions, teams will automatically change sides at halftime.

These changes should create a quicker paced game and no team will have a sun/wind advantage for the duration of a game.

We appreciate everyone who provided feedback on the rule changes.

The PIT Crew


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