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Comment Posted by League Commissioner Apr 01, 2021 01:36 PM

The PIT Spring league is now officially over capacity! Originally, we were able to accommodate 74 teams. After receiving record response to the Spring league we were able to find a few more times at our outdoor turf facilities that would push capacity to 84 teams. The problem? We now have 88 teams registered!

Teams are strongly encouraged to arrange to get their registration payments in ASAP. There will be some teams we simply cannot accommodate unfortunately.

New Times:
We were able to secure a bunch of 3:30pm time slots, which would mean many game days will start at 3:30pm.
On days in which 3:30pm spots were not available, we secured a few 9:45pm time slots (Saturdays only).

The 9:45pm times are rare, most of the new times are at 3:30pm. We have updated our schedule request form with the new times. Teams who have already submitted a request may provide a new one if they so choose.

New teams can still register as it is the first 84 teams with payment that will be playing in Spring. Check out all of the Spring information here:

Thanks to our membership for the great response!

Comment Posted by jon Apr 03, 2021 01:25 PM

There are now 94 teams on the website, with only 84 spots available. Teams should arrange payment with the league ASAP to ensure they are in for the Spring season. The deadline to register is April 10th, however we should sell out prior to that date, so don't delay!

The PIT Crew

Comment Posted by jon Apr 05, 2021 08:26 PM

We now have 99 teams registered on the website vying for just 84 spots!

As a heads up we now have 72 teams paid, leaving just 12 spots remaining. Get your registration in, or miss out on what should be an epic season of Spring football!

The PIT Crew

Comment Posted by jon Apr 06, 2021 02:06 PM

Up to 100 teams on the website...just four spots remain.

We may sell out as early as today, so teams are strongly encouraged to contact us to get their spot reserved for Spring!

The PIT Crew


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