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Comment Posted by jon Mar 31, 2021 07:30 PM

We would like to thank everyone who filled out a survey and provided their thoughts on how to make the best game day experience even better. Here are the answers to the most common questions in the survey:

*Can I wear gloves?*
As stated in our return to play document here: gloves will be allowed in the Spring and going forward unless Manitoba Health changes their guidelines. Gloves will need to be sanitized before, during, and after games as part of return to play.

*Why can’t I spit on the field, high five my teammates, and not socially distance when playing?*
Safety. We must follow Manitoba Health return to play guidelines. If we don’t enforce the rules in our return to play document the league could be shut down. Let’s be safe in the interim and ideally next year you can high five your teammates until your heart’s content.

*Can spectators attend games?*
For outdoor games we can have spectators. Spectators must socially distance from the players and one another and must sign in for contact tracing purposes at the Spring facilities.

*My team would like to play 5 on 5 rules in the summer. Why can’t we have a division that caters to those who would prefer the smaller indoor fields all year round?*
Wait, what? We have that division! The 5 v 5 division has run the last two summers, and we have had good response. We have run mens, coed, and flag 5 v 5 divisions. If you team is interested in 5 v 5 in the summer, we can accommodate!

*We would like an additional ref at games/your refs need improvement/your refs are the best in any rec sport I have played!*
In theory, we can add additional officials to games. In practice, this is much more difficult. We would need to find more refs and would need to increase registration costs. This was the most divisive set of comments. There was a vocal group that would like our refs trained better, and an equally vocal group that said compared to their other sports (soccer, hockey, softball) the PIT refs were head and shoulders above the rest. We do train our officials both in-class and on the field, and we do have an evaluation process. We are always open to suggestions, so if teams want to let us know how our officials are doing (good or bad) they have a mechanism to contact us to help improve the game day experience here:

*Teams sometimes run up the score, is there anything that can be done to prevent this?*
Beginning in the Spring season, the PIT is going to introduce a rule in the coed division and any crossover divisions (for example, if div 2 and 3 are combined for the regular season) requiring teams who are up by 17 points or more in the second half to change their quarterback. If their opponents come within 17 points, then the starting quarterback can reenter play. If we receive positive responses from teams, we will consider implementing this rule more widespread in the league for future seasons.

*Can you make changes to the MVP?*
We will be adding a stat on the website for MVPs. Each division will now have its own MVP in addition to an overall MVP (like points or sacks). Additionally, you will now be able to view MVP statistics on the website!

*Your website is dated, and we need an app!*
Agreed. We are currently working with RedZoneLeagues (our website provider) to update the look of the website, allow us to post information easier, and create an app. This won’t happen overnight, but ideally in the coming months you will start to notice updates to the look and usability of the website/app.

*Make the divisions more balanced/too many high divisions players in the lower divisions.*
We will be cracking down on teams and letting them know that higher division players make them higher division teams. This will never be perfect, but the league will err on the side of caution. In the summer, we should be going back to divisional realignment at the midway point on the season. Teams that are placed too high/too low based on their records will be shuffled to enhance divisional parity. Upper division players will not be allowed to be added after roster deadlines.

The league is always looking for ways to improve your game day experience! The draw winner for the $100 of summer registration will be announced this weekend.


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