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Comment Posted by jon Jul 05, 2020 04:41 PM

PIT Football is excited to announce that have partnered with the Winnipeg Soccer Federation to host games at Ralph Cantafio Soccer Complex at 900 Waverley Street for the duration of our season. Both coed and 5 v 5 games will be held at the complex, which has full washroom facilities on site.

Games will be held on the practice fields to the left when you enter the parking lot. There is a separate gate (don't go through the main gate), to the fields. Field #1 is immediately inside the gate, Field #2 is behind Field #1. The same social distancing rules will obviously apply at all of our fields.

It should be a great season of coed and 5 v 5 football at a great location!

Good luck to all teams in their quest for championship glory.

The PIT Crew


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