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Comment Posted by jon Apr 04, 2020 04:48 PM

Congratulations to Jason Cassie who is the Winter 2020 MVP as voted by his peers in the PIT!

Jason took the MVP trophy on the final night of the regular season as he and Jordan separated from the pack over the final two weekends of play. Here are the final MVP standings:

MVP Leaderboard (minimum 4 votes):
1. Jason Cassie (10)
2. Jordan DeMerchant (9)
3. Cody Hunter, Tyrone Oakley, Neil Gwizon (5)
4. Bryce Krausher, Dale Karpiak, Frank Fiorentino, Jake Nitycharuk, Jeremy Kornelson, Joshua Farber, Justin Scott, Kevin Cortens, Kurt Conroy, Lucas Wollmann, Nick Jessamine, Patyon Lake, Ryan McDonald, Tyson Black (4)

Congratulations Jason! Jay has been the bridesmaid multiple times and he finally breaks through. Shout out to Jordan DeMerchant as well, he has finished second the past two seasons in MVP voting. We are sure his day will come soon, but for now it is Jay's belt for the foreseeable future!

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