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Comment Posted by jon Feb 14, 2020 02:20 PM

Its that time of year in which we reward our team captains for helping us run the best recreational sports league in Canada! We appreciate all of the efforts of our team captains who are the unsung heroes of the league - those that go grey trying to chase down their teammates and ensure registration is paid - things that are easier said than done!

Each of our team captains will have the opportunity to participate in the team captain all-star game. Each team captain will also be given an all-star t-shirt and we will treat everyone to some Original 16 at Four Crowns Restaurant and Lounge after the game.

Here are the details:

Date: Saturday February 29th
Location: Garden City Indoor Complex
Time: 11:30pm
After party: Four Crowns Restaurant and Lounge (1030 McPhillips - just down the street from the complex)
Sponsor: Original 16 Beer

Team captains can RSVP here or to

Players will be placed on teams prior to the game and we will have some great prizes for participants, in addition to the after party at Four Crowns.

We hope to see you all there as part of the best game day experience in recreational sports!

Must be 18+ to attend the after party.

Comment Posted by jon Feb 16, 2020 09:07 PM

Our newest title sponsor is Original 16! Original 16 and the PIT have teamed up to provide the best game day experience in rec sports.
Original 16 will be giving away a free pitcher of beer to the Original 16 underdog of the week! The pitcher of beer will be redeemable at Four Crowns restaurant and lounge, located at 1030 McPhillips street, just minutes from the Garden City indoor complex, Old Exhibition Grounds and Frank Whyte Park. Four Crowns is the newest home of touch football!

Our newest Original 16 underdog of the week is the Huge Hammer’s Jordyn Griffin-Rogers. Jordyn has his team competing for a playoff spot due in large part to his team leading 18 points and two interceptions. Playing both sides of the ball will help him work up a thirst for his free pitcher of Original 16 beer, courtesy of our friends at the Four Crowns restaurant and lounge!

Check Jordyn’s career highlight tape here:

Congrats Jordyn, a gift certificate for a free pitcher of beer, redeemable at Four Crowns will be attached to a future game card

Comment Posted by jon Feb 28, 2020 07:47 PM

Here are all the details you need to know about our Team Captain All Star Game:

Game time: 11:45pm. All players should check in on field 1 by 11:30pm to pick up their free jersey and get organized for the game (so don't be late!)

We will provide jerseys to all teams captains, and for those wanting, after the game we will be going to the Four Crowns restaurant just down the street from the Garden City complex. Four Crowns is located at 1030 McPhillips. Original 16 will be providing free beer for all participants from 1:00am to 2:00am.

Rules of the game:
*No player can play both ways.
*QBs can play at most 1/2 of the game
*No kickoffs - we will start at the 10-yard line to start the game and after scores to provide as much playing time as possible.
*No one should be a designated rusher unless they want to rush!
*Everyone must have fun!

To keep the spirit of the game as fun as possible, everyone must rotate positions and must have equal playing time. Your team captain (either Arthur Garand or Cliff Kitchen) will make sure that everyone is rotating.

We hope that everyone can join us after the game to participate in the best game experience in touch football, brought to you by our newest sponsors Original 16 and Four Crowns. Should be a great night of football!

The PIT Crew


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