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Comment Posted by jon Sep 12, 2019 08:37 PM

PIT Football is proud to once again offer the Summer Team Captain All-Star game! The ProBowl will be held Saturday September 21st 9:30pm under the lights at IGF! Captains from both the outdoor and indoor summer leagues can participate!

We honor our team captains, who without them, we would not have a league! To all of the captains who chase people for money (pay your captains!) and go grey throughout the season ensuring a complete roster from one game to the next, we salute you.

Team Captain All-Star Game Information:
Game Sponsor: Harv-Al Sportswear
Where: Investors Group Field
Date: Saturday September 21st
Time: 9:00pm (under the lights!)
RSVP Deadline: Tuesday September 18th

Please RSVP so that we can ensure we have enough prizes and swag from all of our sponsors of this event! The PIT rewards those team captains for helping make the PIT the largest touch and flag football organization in Canada. Each player will receive an all-star t shirt courtesy of Harv-Al sportswear and players can win prizes from all of our great sponsors.

If your team captain cannot attend, they can send a team representative in their place! Come out for what is always a great time.

Comment Posted by jon Sep 19, 2019 11:16 PM

The rosters have been released, check them out here:

Here are your rules of engagement:
A QB may play no longer than 1 half in duration. If there are multiple QBs, each quarterback can have equal playing time if they want to throw.
No one player should rush (unless they really want too!). Teams should rotate their rushers.
Equal playing time for each player. For example, if a team has 12 players that does not mean two players play both ways the entire game, everyone must rotate.
Everyone must have fun!

We will be having some half time festivities including longest throw, fastest man, and field goal kicking. Bring a football with you!

Shout out to our sponsors Harval Sportswear, who will be outfitting out teams, and Tim Hortons for providing some game day prizes for our MVPs and event winners!

Game time is 9pm but players are strongly encouraged to show up by 8:30pm to pick up their game shirts and to get themselves organized prior to the game.

The PIT Crew

The PIT Crew


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