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Comment Posted by jon Jan 13, 2019 11:12 PM

The first season of the u18 Flag Football league, a collaborative effort between Football Manitoba and PIT Football has thus far been a great success. We were very pleased to have 29 teams sign up for a first foray into indoor flag! We are the largest football league to play out of the Winnipeg RecPlex and will continue to grow the sport in upcoming years. The playoff standings and scenarios for the 2019 season are listed below:

u10 Division A:
South Winnipeg Lions (1) vs Winter Cats (2)

u10 Division B:
Flaming Dragons (1) bye
Cereal Killers (2) vs Shredders (3)

u12 Division A:
Reid (1) vs Thunderstruck (4)
Black Knights (2) vs Rams (3)

u12 Division B:
North Winnipeg Nightmare (1) vs Rifles (4)
Patriots (2) vs Bisons (3)
North Winnipeg Nightmare takes the top seed due to their better +/- in games played against each other. During the regular season the two teams split their season series, with Patriots winning the first game by 6, and the North Winnipeg Nightmare winning the second game by 7, giving the North Winnipeg Nightmare the better +/- (+1).

u14 Division A:
St James Storm (1) vs Falcons (4)
Amigos (2) vs Bisons (3)
Bisons receive the third seed due to their head-to-head victory over the Falcons during the regular season.

u14 Division B:
FFC Falcons (1) vs Bulldogs (4)
Rifles (2) vs Blue and Gold (3)
FFC Falcons, Rifles, and Blue and Gold all finished with identical 3-6 records, each team had a win and loss against one another so we used plus/minus in those head-to-head games to decide seeding. FFC Falcons receive the top seed with a +/- of +16, followed by Rifles (-5), and then Blue and Gold (-11).

u16 Division A:
Reid (1) vs Untouchables (4)
Bears (2) vs Lehmann (3)

u16 Division B:
Trojans (1) vs Orange Peel (4)
Sturgeon Heights Huskies (2) vs The Kellys (3)

The playoff schedule will be posted shortly. Semi-finals will be played Saturday January 19th, and the finals on Saturday January 26th. We wish all teams good luck in their quest for championship glory!

The PIT Crew


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