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Comment Posted by jon Dec 03, 2018 12:04 AM

The standings page is now updated to include all the tiebreaker scenarios for the Fall season. A record number of indoor teams meant that there were a record number of tiebreakers to go through. Incredibly every single touch division had a tiebreaker to decide playoff seeding, a first for indoor touch football in the province. Overall, that would indicate the high degree of parity that exists across all 22 divisions!

A link to the full tiebreaker rules can be found here:

Coed Division 1:
Connor McDavids (1) vs Tom Bradycardia (4)
Defensive Touchdown Fever (2) vs The Team That Shall Not be Named (3)

Coed Division 2:
Pull Trig (1) vs Woody’s Glove Check (4)
MechaGodzilla (2) vs Dumb Lit (3)

Coed Division 3:
There's No Crying In Baseball (1) vs winner Flea Flickers/UltraDillos (4)
For the first time ever we are having 3 Divisions of Coed. Each division should have some great evenly matched games for playoffs! Due to the unbalanced schedule all tiebreakers were decide by overall plus/minus.

Division 1:
Guild of Calamitous Intent (1) vs TeamFitBody (2)
Guild takes the top seed due to their head-to-head victory vs TeamFitBody during the regular season.

Division 2:
Beerhawks (1) vs MonStars (2)
The season series between Beerhawks and MonStars was tied 1-1 so head-to-head plus/minus decided the tiebreaker. Beerhawks (+8) receive the top seed (Monstars -8).

Division 3:
MapeTown (1) vs Meat’s Pizzeria (4)
Kings (2) vs Ducks (3)
MapeTown finishes first due to their head-to-head victory over the Kings during the regular season.

Division 4:
Big Baller Brand (1) vs Dez Dropped It (4)
Brewers (2) vs Patiala Island (3)
Big Baller Brand gets the top seed by defeating Brewers head-to-head in the regular season. Dez Dropped It takes home the final playoff spot by winning their matchup versus Frosted Flakes.
Division 5:
North Bay Elites (1) vs Average Sized Giants (4)
The Dark Side (2) vs Gym Class Heroes (3)
North Bay Elites finish first due to their head-to-head victory over The Dark Side (despite Cole’s two incredible one-handed interceptions). Gym Class Heroes takes the third seed by defeating Average Sized Giants heads up.

Division 6:
Dragons (1) vs Peyton Manning’s Forehead (4)
Longshots (2) vs Balls Deep (3)
Dragins defeat Longshots head-to-head to grab top spot, Balls Deep does the same to Peyton Manning’s Forehead to take the third seed.

Division 7:
The Filthy Few (1) vs Snow Mexicians 2.0 (4)
Dream Chasers (2) vs Unwanted All-Stars (3)
Unwanted All-Stars finish third due to their head-to-head victory over the Snow Mexicans 2.0.

Division 8:
Venum (1) vs
VaudeVillians (2) vs Super Troopers (3)
This may be the craziest division as three teams tied for top spot, and three teams tied for 4th place, not sure this has ever happened in league history!
Venum, Super Troopers, and VaudeVillains were all tied atop the division with identical 4-1 records and were 1-1 head-to-head which meant head-to-head plus/minus was used to break the first tie. With that Venum wins the top seed with a plus/minus of (+6) (VaudeVillains -2, Super Troopers -4). With that tie broken, we revert to head-to-head to settle second place which goes to the Vaudevillians. There was also a three-way tie for the final playoff spot between Danger Zone, Fat Bottom Boys, and GC Elite. GC Elite was eliminated due to their defaulted game which automatically causes them to lose all tiebreakers (teams please don’t default games!!!!). Danger Zone then takes the final playoff spot due to their head-to-head victory over Fat Bottom Boys.

Division 9:
Chuggernauts (1) vs Meme Magic (4)
Knibb High (2) vs Last Call (3)
Chuggernauts win the regular season crown by defeating Knibb High, while Last Call finishes third by virtue of their defeat of Meme-Magic.

Division 10:
Outlaws (1) vs BlackOut (4)
Young Mafia (2) vs Fake TDs, No Punts (3)
Fake TDs, No Punts defeats BlackOut head-to-head and thus takes the third seed.

Division 11:
The Notorious (1) vs Wolfpack (4)
Down to Football (2) vs Loose Cannons (3)
A three-way tie for third spot in the division means that one team is unfortunately going home. The Loose Cannons, Wolfpack and Ravens were all tied with identical 2-3 records, and all were 1-1 heads up, so plus/minus in those games was used to break the first tie. With that Loose Cannons capture third place with the best +/- (+9) (Ravens 0, Wolfpack -9). With that tiebreaker settled the tiebreaker reverts to head-to-head and Wolfpack takes the final spot with the slimmest of margins as they defeated the Ravens by just a single point head-to-head.

Division 12:
Sh*thawks (1) vs Onslaught (4)
No Punts Intended (2) vs Duck Duck Goose (3)
Sh^thawks finish first by defeating No Punts Intended heads up, Onslaught sneaks into the playoffs due to their regular season victory over Cannonball.

Division 13:
St. Vital 69ers (1) vs VMC Trojans (4)
Take the L (2) vs Usual Suspects (3)
St. Vital 69ers win the season title by defeating Take the L head-to-head, while the VMC Trojans drop to 4th place due to their default in the regular season which loses them any and all tiebreakers. This however may be the first time a team that has defaulted in the season has still made playoffs!

Division 14:
Moneyball (1) vs Bleue’s Clueless (4)
Rolling 7s (2) vs The Wickermen (3)
Moneyball had to defeat Rolling 7s in their final matchup of the regular season to finish first and they did exactly that.

Division 15:
Just Give “R” (1) vs Crusty Crusaders (4)
The Bullet Club (2) vs Free Agents (South) (3)
Free Agents finish with the third seed after defeating Crusty Crusaders head-to-head. Hats off to the Crusty ones as they had to win both of their final two games to make playoffs, so they have been in sudden death mode for weeks!

Division 16:
Philip Ontacos (1) vs Armchair Athletes/Young Wild and Free (4)
Post Dig Picks Route (2) vs Scoregasms (3)
If Armchair Athletes win their game they would overtake Young Wild and Free, otherwise YWF will finish fourth. All comes down to the final game! Post Dig Picks Route would win a tiebreaker vs Scoregasms should they lose their final game. As long as Post Dig Picks Route does not default their final game this will be the outcome of the division.

Division 17:
Will come down to the last games of the season this upcoming week. Five teams are still in contention for the final four playoff spots. What a finish this one will be!

Division 18:
Suckskatchew1 (1) vs wdsds (4)
Waverley Warriors (2) vs Banda Makers (3)
Wdsds capture the fourth and final playoff spot with their victory over the Savages during the regular season. Waverley Warriors goes from out of the playoffs to the second seed with the huge victory over the Banda Makers in their final playoff game! This division was very tightly contested.

Division 19:
Touched by Mummy (1) vs Winnipeg Shamrocks (4)
Savage AF (2) vs Standard Aero (3)
There was a three-way tie for third place and only two teams will make the playoffs. Each of Winnipeg Shamrocks, Hot Bottom Feeders, and Standard Aero had identical 2-3 records and each team were 1-1 head-to-head, so head-to-head plus/minus was used to break the initial tie. With that, Standard Aero finishes third with the best plus/minus (+11) (Hot Bottom Feeders 0, Winnipeg Shamrocks -11). With one team eliminated, the tiebreaker system reverts to head-to-head which gives the Winnipeg Shamrocks the final playoff spot due to their 1-point victory over the Hot Bottom Feeders in their final game of the regular season. Incredible finish.

Flag Football Division:
Draper’s Humble Calves (1) bye
Tonawanda Kardex (2) vs Arrows (3)
The only division without a tiebreaker! This season say perhaps the best parity in indoor football history!

Good luck to all teams in their quest for championship glory!

A reminder that Winter registration will be opening shortly for games starting mid-January. Best to get your teams formed now as we sold out the Fall season in record time.

Comment Posted by jon Dec 08, 2018 03:39 AM

The last two divisions were decided last night as each of the final three games had huge playoff implications - awesome that so many playoff spots were decided by the last games!

Division 16:
Philip Ontacos (1) vs Young Wild and Free (4)
Post Dig Picks Route (2) vs Scoregasms (3)
Philip Ontacos get the first seed by defeating Post Dig Picks heads up during the regular season. Young, Wild and Free sneak into the playoffs by defeating Armchair Athletes head-to-head.

Division 17
Gomi's Homies (1) vs Back That Pass Up (4)
Illegal Contact (2) vs Dilligafs (3)
A three-way tie for third place was broken when the Dilligafs won their final game. They won both their head-to-head matchups vs Back That Pass Up and Athletes Foot which put them through. Back that Pass Up defeated Athletes Foot giving them the final playoff spot. What a crazy finish!

The playoff schedule has been updated and can be found here:

The PIT Crew


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