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Comment Posted by jon Nov 01, 2017 11:09 PM

Kickers sports lounge has taken over both the North (Garden City) and South (University of Manitoba) lounge locations, opening the doors to having some food and drinks post or pregame for the first time since 2016. The addition of the lounges will make the game day experience in the PIT unparalleled in touch football.

To celebrate the opening of the two lounges, Kickers will be giving away gift certificates for appetizer platters (valued at $30 each) to teams who frequent the lounge. All you need to do to qualify to win is to hit up the lounge with your team and take a picture. Post it to Twitter and Instagram and tag us @PITFootball, or send us the pictures for us to post. Those that do will be entered for a draw each week for the appetizer platters. You can check out our eight entrants from week #1 here:

Congratulations to Oay Co. and Post Dig Pick Routes who both won a $30 team appetizer platter courtesy of Kickers in week 1. Check out their winning entries here:

Some great specials at the bar including 3.99 beers and drinks on Saturdays! Their wings are also pretty damn good. Here are a few pictures of what they had in store opening night:

Kickers wants to become a major partner of PIT Football so if you are looking for for pregame or postgame eats check them out! They are also conveniently located so you catch do so while watching all the action on the field. A great addition to our record breaking Fall indoor season!

The PIT Crew

Comment Posted by jon Nov 15, 2017 08:00 PM

Two more weeks have past which means four more teams have won a $30 gift certificate to Kickers Sports Lounge, located at both the University of Manitoba Soccer Subway South complex and the Garden City complex in the North. If you follow us on Twitter @pitfootball you will know that people are raving about both the prices and how good the wings are. The atmosphere has definitely gotten a whole lot cooler with teams hanging around and talking football. Quite the community of players we have!

Congratulations each of the following teams who have taken home a Kickers Sports Lounge Gift Certificate thus far:

Free Agents North
Meat's Pizzeria
Oay Company
Post Dig Pick Routes
North Bay
Ripping & Tearing

Just snap a picture of your team in the lounge and your team will be entered into each weekends draw. Teams can win more than once so definitely check out the lounge and win. Here are the winners and entrants from last week:

The PIT Crew


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