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Comment Posted by jon Mar 02, 2016 12:09 AM

The PIT Crew has been hard at work securing fields for the Summer. With the addition of Maple Grove this allowed us some leverage in working with Adrenaline Adventures. We have re-upped for the summer season with Adrenaline but with reduced usage. Last year we were at Adrenaline all summer with one field and on multiple days of the week we ran two fields. This year we have reduced our usage to just one field which represents a significant overall reduction in usage (approximately 30% less games will be played out of Adrenaline).

We have made it abundantly clear to Adrenaline what they need to do to improve their fields for the upcoming season. We knew there would be some growing pains with any new endeavor and while their lounge was absolutely fantastic the fields left something to be desired. As a result the following will occur for the upcoming season:

Adrenaline has agreed to:
1. Reduce our usage to just 1 field.
2. Fields will be better watered. Adrenaline does have an irrigation system in place, it was not used to its full potential (or at times at all).
3. Fields will be leveled and more grass seed put down. The fields were fine at the beginning of the year but were pretty beat down by seasons end.

In return the PIT will:
1. Continue to promote Adrenaline Adventures.
2. We have the understanding that things will be better this summer, but things will not be perfect (they never are)!
3. We will be open to increasing usage in future years based on how well things work this season.
4. We will use Adrenaline Adventures in the event of rain outs if we don't have other fields available.

Adrenaline definitely wants things to work and they know they won't have a second chance to prove to the membership that they are going to make improvements over last year. We do know that Adrenaline is great for those in the West end of the city and for those that like hitting up a lounge, we just need the fields to now meet those same standards. Ultimate Frisbee has also re-upped at Adrenaline but also at reduced capacity further putting additional pressure on Adrenaline to show us what they can do with their fields. I believe this was a very reasonable compromise to help promote the development of fields for the league moving forward.

The PIT Crew


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