MAY 30th UPDATE AS SOCIAL DISTANCING REQUIREMENTS EVOLVE WE WILL MAKE MODIFICATIONS TO THESE RULES. ALL RULES PRESUME WE ARE ABLE TO RETURN TO PLAY JULY 5TH All rules are set by Manitoba Health. The league cannot circumvent the rules under any circumstances.

Players cannot attend events if you have symptoms of COVID-19, if you have been in contact with someone that is confirmed to have COVID-19. You may also not play you have travelled outside Manitoba in the last 14 days to any destination that does not currently have an open border agreement with Manitoba (unless you are part of an essential service occupation).

  • Teams will automatically forfeit any games in which they have a player who has not obeyed the rules.
  • If you feel ill or have symptoms do not attend games.
  • All participants must complete the SELF-SCREENING TOOL before each game.
  • Players with preexisting medical conditions (e.g., asthma) which may result in coughing or other symptoms while playing are encouraged to contact the league.
All players must fill out the amended league waiver form which will specifically reference contagious diseases. No player can participate without a waiver. Any team with an illegal player will automatically default a game.
  • Waiver forms must be sent to prior to the roster deadline (Friday June 25th)
  • Teams must have their roster submitted with waiver forms by Friday June 25th.
  • Players can still be added to a roster after the season begins, however, waivers must be sent to the league 24-hours in advance in order to be added to the roster.
  • Players who have submitted a waiver will appear on the GAME CARDS. All players will appear on the roster, but only players on the game cards have waivers signed. You can check your game card (those who have waivers) by going to your team's schedule and clicking on the game card beside "enter score" for any of your games. If a player's name is not on the card, that player has not sent in a waiver and is ineligible to play.
  • Any players who submitted a waiver in the Spring don't need to send in a new waiver. Anyone who did not play in Spring must have a new waiver sent in by the deadline.
Teams will be provided with hand sanitizer from the league.
  • Teams must bring the hand sanitizer and use prior to the start of the game, at half time, and immediately after the game.
Warmups before games are now permitted.
  • Teams will have five minutes to leave the field after the conclusion of the game.
  • Teams may arrive to warm up at any time, so long as they warm up away from the players benches
  • Teams cannot enter the field or player box area until the previous teams have vacated.
Rosters will be collected from officials after each game to ensure proper contact tracing.
  • All players must be counted prior to the start of the game.
  • While rosters sizes are not limited, due to the 25 person maximum for outdoor activities imposed by public health orders, teams will only be allowed to dress 12 players for any game. Officials will not roster more than 12 players, and teams cannot have more than the maximum number of players on the sideline/attending the game.
  • All players not at the captain’s huddle prior to the game will be crossed off.
  • Players can be added at halftime if a player comes late.
  • Players do not get credit for a game played if they are not at the game prior to halftime.
  • All players are required to register online and provide a completed waiver form before participating in the football season.
  • If a player is not participating in the game they will not be allowed on the sidelines.
Social distancing is required on the sidelines.
  • Communal team benches are not allowed.
  • Team areas will be marked during field lining.
  • Players cannot be within two meters of one another on the sidelines. Failure to physically distance on the sidelines will result in an unsportsmanlike penalty (10-yards).
  • Team areas will be marked back five yards from the sidelines to ensure proper physically distancing from the officials.
  • Teams cannot leave the player boxes except to enter the field of play or leave the game.
  • The referee’s area between the player boxes cannot be encroached upon for any reason unless the officials deem it necessary. This includes before the game, during halftime, and after the game.
High fives, handshakes, and close contact celebrations are not permitted.
  • A warning will be given for the first team offence.
  • An unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for a second offence (10-yards).
  • The game will be called if there is a third offence per team.
  • Referees have the right to penalize for the first offence if they deem a team has not social distanced purposely.
  • Spitting at the field will be penalized with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty (10-yards) for the first offence, then ejection for the second offence.
Spectators and animals ARE allowed at games.
  • Spectators must remain social distanced from one another unless they are from the same household.
  • Spectators must also be socially distanced from the player boxes, regardless if they are from the same household.
Football gloves are permitted.
  • Players must sanitize their hands/gloves before the game, at halftime, and after games.
  • Players are strongly encouraged to use hand sanitizer frequently during the game, and before touching their face.
  • Players must wash their jerseys before the start of their next game.
Shared water bottles are not permitted.
  • Players must bring their own water bottle marked with their name.
Huddles are not permitted.
  • Play clock will be lengthened to 30 seconds to allow teams to “circle” 2 meters apart further down the field so the opponents cannot hear them.
  • Offenses will not be allowed to snap the ball within 10 seconds of the play clock starting to ensure that defences can adequately provide a defensive play call.
  • Within the last three minutes of each half, teams may go “hurry up” and snap the ball at any time after the whistle is blown (do not have to wait 10 seconds).
  • Teams will be provided 2-timeouts per half. Timeouts cannot be carried over.
Illegal Formation (Offense):
  • Offenses may not “stack” receivers at the line. Social distancing requirements still exist on the field.
  • Stacking receivers will result in an illegal formation penalty (10-yards).
Illegal Formation (Defense):
  • Defenses are not allowed to play press man coverage.
  • All defensive players must line up a minimum of three-yards off the receiver (this is the same rule that applied previously only to those covering the center).
  • The ball will be placed no closer than the two-yard line when in a goal line situation.
  • If a defensive back is within three-yards of a receiver at the snap of the ball an offside penalty will be called (5-yards).
Players and officials may choose to wear a mask.

PIT Football and its members must comply with all Manitoba Health guidelines and stipulations.

PIT Football is always open to suggestions from our players, so if you have a new idea, we always enjoy talking with you regarding how to make the league better. We are the largest touch and flag football league in Canada, and player-based suggestions are one of the reasons why!


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