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Comment Posted by League Commissioner Jul 29, 2022 01:30 AM

Divisional alignment is now complete and can be viewed here:

While there is no perfect way to realign, we did take into consideration record, +/-, strength of schedule, and players missing during the first part of the season. We have also decided to create more divisions for the second half of the schedule to provide more opportunities for teams to take home the championship belt! Divisions will be split for playoffs depending on how the divisions align at the end of the season. The only division that will not split for playoffs is the 7v7 Division 1.

Teams will keep their records from the first half of the season. If we did not, all statistics would be wiped out. Besides, it will make a very interesting sprint to the finish over the next 6 weeks as every regular season game will become that much more valuable for playoff seeding!

The schedule for next week will be updated on Friday. The remainder of the schedule will come out shortly thereafter. We are still awaiting some dates for our under the lights games. We will have more information on championship weekend and our under the lights games soon. All part of the best game day experience in rec sports.

Good luck to all teams in their quest for championship glory!

The PIT Crew


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