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Comment Posted by League Commissioner Oct 28, 2021 03:50 PM

The indoor complexes must follow Provincial Health Orders. All players are required to read the following rules and regulations for the Fall season:

Of note:
Proof of vaccination is required upon entry to the facility. Come early to ensure you don't miss any game time!
Players must wear masks at all times in the facility unless you are on the field or eating/drinking in the lounge. Masks must be worn prior to games and put on immediately after.
Change rooms will be closed. Please come prepared to play. Note outside shoes cannot be worn on the turf!
Spectators are allowed, however they must be socially distanced (6 feet apart)
Players can enter the fields through the main doors, however you must exit using the side doors. A map is included on the above link and will be at field level during games. We need to ensure we don't have dozens of players entering and exiting the same doors.

Please read the above link for all information to ensure you have an enjoyable playing experience!

Also, keep in mind that these are either Provincial Health Orders or Facility rules. The PIT Football league cannot circumvent this rules.

Your cooperation is expected and appreciated!


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