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Comment Posted by League Commissioner Oct 25, 2021 05:51 PM

With everyone vaccinated in order to play we will be resetting to "normal" football rules for the Fall season.

* Back to 20 second play clocks (quarterbacks remember you now have 1/3rd less time to get your play off)!
* Teams can run hurry up offence
* Huddles can return to normal
* Proper hand sanitation is still required

* No kickoffs!
We have decided to take the cue of flag football and our summer league and remove kickoffs. This will allow more game play. Teams will automatically scrimmage from their 10-yard line after a score, or to start a half/game. The defence may be coming off the sidelines from 40-yards away, so teams will be allowed to get their defensive players organized and set prior to the snap of the ball. Feedback from the summer was very encouraging. Not a single player polled preferred to retain kicking.
* Punts are still allowed, it is kickoffs that were removed!

NOTE: The rules regarding social distancing can change if Provincial health orders mandate a change.
NOTE II: The no kickoff rule will be in place for the duration of the Fall season. We can revisit this rule change in the Winter (but I think players are going to prefer the extra offensive and defensive snaps!)

Please ensure you and your teammates are all familiar with the rules.

Thanks everyone!


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