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Comment Posted by League Commissioner Apr 23, 2021 06:52 PM

A shout out to our sponsors at Capital K Distillery for their sponsorship of the league and for providing hand sanitizers to all of the teams!

Bottles of hand sanitizer will be handed out to all teams prior to their games this weekend. Teams are required to use the hand sanitizer before, at halftime, and after games as part of our safe return to play. If you are wearing gloves, the gloves do need to be sanitized!

The sanitizers were specially sourced from Capital K as they don't leave any residue that might affect your game day experience.

Teams should bring a spray nozzle (take one off a bottle of Windex, Lysol, Vim, etc.). Perhaps bring some scissors as well in case the plastic tubing needs to be cut to size.

We at the PIT are looking forward to a safe and fun return to the field of play!


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