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Comment Posted by League Commissioner Jul 23, 2020 01:47 PM

We are almost a third of the way through the season, so we wanted to remind players and teams about playoff eligibility rules. Due to the shortened season we have reduced the number of games needed for playoff eligibility.

If you are on just one team: 3 games are required to play playoffs
If you are on more than team but all the teams you play on are division 3 or lower: 3 games required for playoffs for all teams
If you are in Divisions 1 or 2 and are on more than one team: 3 games for your highest division team, 5 games for all other teams.

So for example, if you played in Division 2 and Division 4, you would have to make three games for your Division 2 team, and 5 games for your division 4 team. If you played in divisions 5 and 6, you would just need to play three games for both teams to be eligible to play on both teams come playoffs.

We cannot make exceptions for players when it comes to playoff eligibility. Keep in mind if an injury occurs, the player just needs to show up to a game to get a game played. They do not have to be participating on the field, so long as they show up to a game they will be credited.


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