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Comment Posted by League Commissioner May 11, 2020 12:06 PM

Is the 2019 Hall of Fame class the best so far? We will leave that up to you to decide. We will be updating our 2019 Hall of Fame Class this week as we pay homage to some of the greatest touch football players in Manitoba history!

We pay tribute to Mike Hamulka who was inducted into the 2019 Manitoba Touch Football Hall of Fame in the Contributors category.
"To be considered for selection in the Contributor category, an individual must have contributed to the game significantly in areas outside of the competitive arena (i.e. administrator, league architect, innovator, instructor, coach etc.). Contributors have changed the game for the better and lay the groundwork for the future success of touch football in Manitoba."

A few highlights:
Owner/President of the UTFL (Ultimate Touch Football League) from 2002-2011
Presided over the fastest growing league in Manitoba during that time period
First league to embrace the multi-team player rule
Largest league in Manitoba from 2007 to 2010

To view Mike's complete HOF profile check out our Hall of Fame page here:

The PIT Crew would like to honour Mike on his well deserved selection into the Manitoba Touch Football Hall of Fame!


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