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Comment Posted by League Commissioner May 08, 2020 11:27 AM

Is the 2019 Hall of Fame class the best so far? We will leave that up to you to decide. We will be updating our 2019 Hall of Fame Class this week as we pay homage to some of the greatest touch football players in Manitoba history!

The Pallbearers/Snipers have been inducted into the Team category of the Hall of Fame!
"To be considered for selection in the Team Hall of Fame, a team must have won at minimum five Touch Football championships. Those five championships may come from any division and include championships from both indoor and outdoor seasons. Teams may also be considered if they have played a minimum of ten years of football (both inside and outside of the PIT) and have reached a level of success (as measured by sportsmanship, productivity, and perseverance) in lieu of five championship trophies. In some cases longstanding teams may change names over the course of their history, thus teams must demonstrate that the majority of players have successfully transitioned from one team to the next to be deemed eligible."

A few highlights:
35-years as a team
Played in every touch football league: WCTFL, WTFL, UTFL, Mazur, PIT
9 x Indoor champions
1 x Outdoor champions
2 x Manitoba Tournament champions
An incredible legacy!

To view the Pallbearers/Snipers complete HOF profile check out our Hall of Fame page here:

The PIT Crew would like to congratulate the Pallbearers/Snipers on their well deserved selection into the Manitoba Touch Football Hall of Fame!


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