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Comment Posted by League Commissioner Jan 13, 2020 11:24 PM

The Football Manitoba Flag Football league, powered by PIT Football, just completed its regular season. The following is a list of playoff match ups and tiebreakers for the upcoming playoffs!

u10 Division A:
Thunder Cats (1) vs Huskies (4)
St. James Crew (2) vs Winter Dragons (3)

u10 Division B:
Power O (1) vs Pennsylvania Squonks (4)
Bison Selects (2) vs Avengers (3)
Bison Selects take the second seed due to their head-to-head regular season victory over the Avengers.

u12 Division A:
Jr. Vaudevillians (1) vs Sidewinders (4)
South Side Titans (2) vs Mustangs (3)
Mustangs finish first via their better winning percentage compared to the Sidewinders.

u12 Division B:
Junior Huskies (1) bye
Bombs Away (2) vs Flight Crew (3)

u14 Division A:
Blue and Gold (1) vs Black Knights (4)
Reid-14 (2) vs Vikings (3)
Blue and Gold take the regular season crown by defeating Reid-14 head-to-head.

u14 Division B:
Falcons (1) bye
Rams (2) vs Turf Monsters (3)
Falcons and Rams were tied with identical records, and tied each other during their regular season game. The Falcons get first place and the bye by having the better points against (third tiebreaker) compared to the Rams.

u14 Division C:
Bison Selects (1) bye
Running Pylons (2) vs u16 MB Girls (3)
Running Pylons receive the second seed by defeating the u16 MB Girls head-to-head during the regular season.

u16 Division A:
Turf Dawgs (1) bye
Short and Slow (2) vs Amigos u16 (3)
Turf Dawgs take first place by having the better winning percentage compared to Short and Slow.

u16 Division B:
Bison Selects u16 (1) vs Renegades (4)
The Kellys (2) vs St. James Storm (3)
The Kellys finish second due to their regular season head-to-head victory over St. James Storm.

u18 Division A:
Reid-16 (1) vs Amigos u18 (4)
Lehmann 2004 (2) vs Scoreline Mafia (3)
Lehmann finished second by defeating Scoreline Mafia two games to one in their regular season match ups.

High School Girls Division:
Playoff seeds will be decided after this weekend.

First - Winning Percentage
Second - Head-to-Head
Third - Point Against

Good luck to all teams this weekend in their semi-final games. The season wraps up on January 25th when we crown 12 new Flag Football Champions


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