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Comment Posted by Spider Sep 15, 2019 02:27 PM

Hey everybody,
On Saturday Sept 14 my tiny Budweiser soft shell cooler bag went missing. I was reffing a game at 2:30, and when I came back, at the half it was Gone.
So if one of the two teams playing in field four at Maple grove took it by mistake, could you please contact me. Or bring it to the Stadium next week or tonite at Maple grove. Or call 253-3612, and leave a message.

Obviously when reffing six hours a day during the playoffs, it is necessary to re-hydrate, and secondly for medical reasons, I sometimes need access to a quick sugar fix after pro-longed activity., via a cool beverage from that cooler bag.

It would be. Most appreciated if found, it could be returned.
Thank you.


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